I have been working in Hollywood forEVER, and I have even been an assistant: assistant to a director, assistant to an actress, assistant to an agent, assistant assistant assistant, so I get it.

Your job sucks. You work long hours and are usually under paid. Hell I have not one but two NOVELS out, comedies fictional, about being an assistant in this town. (Look up under Micheline McAllister) okay, so point is, I know how hard your job is.

There are Lloyds and then there are the assistants that I like to call ASSistants.
The onse that screw everything up and yet your hands are tied. There is nothing you can do because you can’t yell at them, complain too much or even write a blog about it, because assistants run this town, so you sit there an smile and say thank you when you want to say fuck you. UGH!

I think I am starting to understand why ‘talent’ sometimes goes off on ‘assistants’-

Where is the real Lloyd?