So I was doing great with both my blogs, Twitter, the screenplay, the Happy Endings spec, my query for my novel AND my own series then BAM! My dog got sick and I was still doing okay, but on the 18th he passed away from Westie Lung Disease and I didn’t know it was coming, so I spent the first few days in shock and denial and sadness. I am still wrecked-but I know I have to get on with my job. I have lost tons of people-including immediate family-and I have never not been able to function as a writer, but this was/is worse. I am definitely going to start blogging again-I have so many opinions about the awards getting handed out and also lots of movies and TV shows I want to talk about-just need some time to get back on my game.

Thanks for understanding and for keeping on reading and coming back.

R. I. P. Finnegan March 30, 1998- January 18, 2012