I am not even sorry to say this but the last two episodes of GLEE have really not worked at all. Just song song song song and storylines falling apart and making no sense and the characters acting in ways they wouldn’t. Such a shame. The show is falling apart faster and faster and yet, like a train crash, I am watching.

Last week’s was so all over the place I could hardly watch-the “Summer Loving” thing with Sam and Mercedes? What? The other songs didn’t match up and it was just a complete mess. I thought, “Steph, you’re just sad because your dog died and you can’t think straight.” And I was even told that by friends-but then how come, Once Upon a Time is still good? The Good Wife, Southland, Revenge, Happy Endings, Modern Family, House? It is NOT because my dog died.

Then this week I was so excited for Michael Jackson-how could they possibly ruin that? Not sure, but they did. The show was song song song song song and them breaking out in song for NO reason-breaking the first rule of musicals-and then meetings under streets so they had an excuse to do “Bad”…..you know what? IT WAS BAD REALLY REALLY BAD!

The storylines are all over the place, the characters aren’t acting in character and the show is falling apart. It really makes me sad because it was such a great show and now-I hardly care.