Today I deleted another writer off Facebook for the second time. The reason is that she is nothing but negative and that is not productive and I don’t like logging on and getting her bitching out-to everyone-on her page every day.

About a month ago she was ranting about how writers would never make it unless they gave back and bought her book-well, seriously? That is a bit over the top. She was going on and on and on and on about how she has given so much and now her book wasn’t selling and those of us who hadn’t purchased it would never make it. Honestly! This kind of bullying tactics is just awful. So instead of getting into it with her, I just deleted her because I have enough of my own doubts without being told I will never succeed unless I give back and buy her book. She refriended me and I accepted instead of again, getting into it.

Well at first I just tried unsubscribing to her rants-daily rants-this person is so negative it’s incredible, and then finally today she went on a new rant about some friend of her who posted about her book on her wall, and while I don’t like it when people promote on my wall-because it isn’t really the place, I think that publicly humiliating people to make a point is just wrong! I have many friends who are doing projects and I will always promote them on my wall if I like what they have or have done. Even friends of friends. I will also usually tweet about it and sometimes blog about it. I think we should all support each other.

So I deleted this very negative person today because I needed to do some housekeeping. This person has obviously never heard the quote:

“Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.”

I am done with these super negative types, I honestly don’t have time for it. I think that if you hate FB so much, then don’t be on it, don’t bitch out your friends every day and guilt them into buying your stuff. Ridiculous.