It’s the end of an era.

When I was 11 I starting watching soaps when I broke my leg and was stuck inside all summer. My friends were all watching General Hospital and Days of Our Lives and I was soon tuning in every day to find out who the Salen Strangler was and or what evil the Cassadines were up to. A couple years later my sister said to me, “I watch One Life to Live it’s way better.” I joined in and have been a fan ever since.

I love the show. I love Vickie and Dorian’s long standing feud and friendship. I love Bo and all the Buchanans. I love Todd Manning (both actors) and John McBain. The show is and has been a lot of fun.

When I was an actress I did some extra work on that show, and they were really a great group of people. I am very sad that the show won’t be on anymore as it’s been such a huge part of my life.

ABC television-check local listings.

One Life to Live has been on the air since 1968

Staring:  Michael Easton,Kristen Alderson,Kassie Wesley DePaiva,John-Paul Lavoisier,Melissa Archer,Bree Williamson,Robert S. WoodsJerry Ver Dorn,Tuc Watkins,Roger Howarth,Trevor St. John,Hillary B. Smith

and Robin Strasser & Erika Slezak as Dorian and Vickie

and many more!