Once upon a time I judged a TV show based on what people on my FB and Twitter pages were saying-not sure why I would do that-maybe just being lazy. As well, these are the same people that like The New Girl-which I am sorry-I still am scratching my head at that one-maybe someday it will change for me-anyhow, I digress.

I had recorded all of  ABC’s new Sunday night drama Once Upon a Time, but never watched any of it and finally deleted it due to my DVR being almost full. Yesterday, New Year’s Day, ABC ran a marathon and I have to say that I LOVE IT!

It is so much fun. I love the concept-I love the characters-I love the casting-everything about it is great. I am so happily surprised that I had to blog about it today and tell you all that you should be watching this fun, fun, show ABC Sundays!

All of your favorite characters are there and some new ones too! It’s well written and takes you on a romantic journey with a modern day spin on the classics!


Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer MorrisonLana Parrilla,Josh Dallas,Jared Gilmore,Raphael Sbarge & Robert Carlyle to name a few.

Created by Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis