How did everyone do last year? Get a lot done? Well time to get working. 2012 is among us and what if the Mayans were right? You want to be writing for a living before the world ends don’t you?

Ha! I don’t believe for 2 seconds the world is ending in December-if I did-trust me I would not be wasting time blogging-I’d be out there causing a ruckus!

How was your 2011? Mine had many ups and many downs!

2011 was a very exciting year for me in some ways. I got my first official job as a tv writer/development position on a brand new series that I am creating with a friend. I am so excited about it. I don’t know how long the job will go-SO HOPING FOR A LONG TIME. I also finished my novel-Ryuan and will be hitting agents and publishers ASAP.

I am working on my screenplay-got some amazing notes-and thorough-lemme tell you, every single page-from a studio in August and so I am reworking it.

I also completed my new pilot-Ellie From Chicago-it’s a buddy sitcom-multicam-and I am hoping to send it around to anyone who wants to read it. I know I posted on my website that it was done last year, and it was, the first draft, but I worked on it and made it a lot stronger.

This year I am going to dive into my writing career. I know you are thinking that I have already been doing that, but I really haven’t. I am the reason I am not further. I am not sure why but I am ready to take charge of my life.

I am going to take some writing courses to keep improving my skill, I am definitely going to keep writing, whether I still have this current job or not, and I am going to get out of the depression I have been in for 8 years-since my mother died.

I have decided that this year I am going to put the past behind me and move forward.

In 2011 I also lost friends-ones who died and ones who I just fell out with for one reason or another. I am going to remember and honor those or died by being happy and pursuing my dreams and the others-well I am going to put all the negativity in the past-where it belongs.

I hope you all had a great year and are planning to have an even better one this year.

Happy writing!