OMG I love the show REVENGE on ABC and one of my fav characters is Nolan Ross played brilliantly by the oh-so-talented Gabriel Mann. Nolan is a socially awkward tech genius/geek.  Mark Zuckerberg with an attitude, with a serious attitude and a gift for finding trouble. Nolan has more money than God and flaunts it all over to anyone within ear shot.

He is arrogant and acts like he doesn’t care, but definitely craves real relationships. He pretends in public that he doesn’t know the revenge seeking Emily Thorne, but they share a secret link to the past and he is helping her scheme. He knows her real past which either helps him stay alive or makes him her next potential target.

I love everything about this character. He is smart, arrogant, sexy, obnoxious and I root for him every week. One thing I noticed immediately is that he is a character that I knew in the past but didn’t root for. Do you know who I mean?

Steff from Pretty in Pink played by James Spader. The difference is that you hated Steff and you cheer for Nolan. Yet they are practically the same person. I am sure that it is Mann’s age and he def. watched Pretty in Pink as a teen, and it is so clear that the manorisms he has given Nolan are so very Spaderesque! I LOVE it.