Before you read on, please know that I do like this show over all-or I really want to.

Have you seen the new CBS comedy, Two Broke Girls? The show was co-created by Michael Patrick King (of Sex & the City) and Whitney Cummings-who, well my mother taught me never to say something bad about anyone, so I won’t say anything-how about she and I have a different sense of humor? Is that fair? It is, thanks.

The sitcom is about two waitresses; poor girl Max, played by Kat Dennings, and used to be ubber rich until her White collar crook father was busted and lost it all, Caroline played by Beth Behrs, working at a diner in Williamsburg. Immediately this rang untrue for me. Because these two wouldn’t be in the same area. Caroline would be an Upper East Side kinda girl and Max would be a poor Brooklyn girl, not a trendy neighborhood girl. Gossip Girl got this right, this show didn’t. That said I can let that go-suspend disbelief for entertainment value and all that shit.

I can buy into that these two become friends-sort of a modern day Odd Couple if you will.

I really want to like this show, but it is becoming harder to watch every week because it is falling under the trap of JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE….Oh My God! That drives me crazy in sitcoms-the situation should be funny, I am not watching a stand-up show here. Especially the Asian guy jokes-way too pushed in a ‘funny cuz he’s Asian’ down our throats as if we don’t have a brain. Why can’t it just be funny that he doesn’t always grasp the American way of life? That’s more real and has more potential than his jokes. As well as the guy in the kitchen who is always hitting on Max. Been there, done that.

Now Max, I know everyone loves Dennings, but I am sorry, I don’t like the way she delivers her lines. She is always telling ‘Hipster” jokes that are very dated and usually not funny, then she herself breaks character all the time smiling at her own joke. It pulls me out of whatever moment they have pulled me into and reminds me that I am watching a TV show.

Caroline I like the most. Even when she delivers her ‘oh-so-always-clever’ come backs, Behrs does it in a way that doesn’t make me want to scream. I love her. I love where she comes from, I live how she doesn’t have money, I love that character and she has so much potential.

I like the two of them together. I like that they hired a chubby girl-Kat Dennings is chubby now-or real-and I think the show has so much potential and I even chuckle here and there but I just hope they stop with all the jokes and just get to the comedy.

I think co-creator Whitney Cummings is a comedian first and that is why this is happening and I have a lot of comedian friends who love shows that are filled with jokes, but isn’t that the first rule of the situation comedy? NO JOKES just funny situations?

This all said, it’s a cute show and I do record it every week and I keep watching because I see the show that it could be, I see the show that it almost is and I am hoping for the show it will be!

CBS Mondays following Two and a Half Should Have Quit While We Were Ahead Men.