Jaysus in the bloody market? Have you seen this film?
Leap Year?


There are a lot of things wrong with this film, but even though it has a weak premise, it could have worked.

But I have to start with the OBVIOUS!

If you are on a plane from the States to Dublin you would definitely not land in Cardiff-Wales-which is east and south of Ireland during a storm. If the storm was so bad it took out Dublin’s airport, Cardiff would also be S.O.L.
A way to fix this would have been to have the plane emergency in Shannon-North and West of Dublin, in Ireland and the first place to land from the States.

NOW, if you are taking a ferry from Cardiff to Cork-er…..you would take right to Dublin…but fair enough, you are trying to go to Cork~which is west of Dublin, and Cardiff is south…so that doesn’t make sense, but in any case, if this was your wish and there was another huge storm, you would never in a million years end up in DINGLE, because in order to do this, you would have had to actually go out into the Atlantic Ocean and circle around the bottom of Ireland, up to Dingle. There was NO REASON for this scene. CUT IT OUT COMPLETELY!

If the plane had just landed in Shannon, she could have taken a cab or bus that broke down in Dingle and at least that would have made some sense.

Okay, do you see where Dingle is? Does not work.

Now the problems with the story are sad really, because it could have worked.

She was a control freak and she broke her character immediately by deciding to go to Ireland on a moments notice.

First of all, her man should have proposed to her at the beginning and she turned him down, then it would have been strong enough for her to jump on a plane last minute and fly all the way to Dublin to propose. Because she could have changed her mind because she really loved him. The way it is now, she was a control freak who planned everything, and thought he was going to propose and he didn’t, so she chased him to Dublin to ask him on “leap year”. Her character would never do something like this, and yer man Declan made an excellent point early on, that if Jeremy wanted to marry her, he would have asked-thus ending the story right there.

Now onto Declan-I see they were going for that “French Kiss” kind of character-dark, moody, brooding man that is opposite of her, but it doesn’t work for many reasons, mostly because him needing money isn’t really strong enough for him to put up with her abuse. The could have fixed it by making the amount a lot larger and the stakes higher if he didn’t pay. Like in French Kiss Luc was desperate to find his stolen diamonds to sell them, so he needed Kate. In this film, Declan doesn’t really need her at all.

They move through Ireland and keep getting stopped along the way to Dublin, which is only about a 8 or 9 hours drive from Dingle, so this is also pretty weak. The fact they had to pretend they were married to stay at a Bed & Breakfast, was also weak. I think they did this to put them in one room, but just having the place only have one room left would have been enough.

To be fair I didn’t even finish watching it. All the wrong stuff about Ireland was a bit too much and she was so unlikeable, I didn’t care who she ended up with.

I don’t like to be negative about anyone’s work and the original writers of this film gave a talk at the WGA a few months back and they did say it was changed a lot by the corporate studio execs, and that is even sadder.