Okay, lots of my women friends bitch and moan about Entourage all the time, and I usually want to smack them upside the head. This is a really good show, and it is about boys, and what is more important, Hollywood boys. The women like to complain that the show objectifies women, which I totally disagree with. It is just showing boys being boys and the reason I love it so much?


I know all of these characters in real life-not the actors-al though I actually know a couple people who work on the show-but I mean the characters. I know them all, because I have worked in this industry my entire life.

I was dating an actor in the early 90s, when he got big, so did the way he slept around, the things he said and did, EXACTLY like Vinnie-it is a young boys dream to be so popular, and rich.
I know brothers of successful actors, and they do act like Drama. Turtle-the useless sidekick living off the famous friend’s money and name. E, the manager? Yeah right, manager-so true. And Ari, I know many a Ari. My old agent was exactly like Ari and that is why I hired him.

This is a show about show business and it is very real and that is why it is so awesome.

I have heard rumors about a movie version. I am not sure it will sustain, but I would go, hell I am living in this world anyhow.