Hey everyone one out there! It’s been a long time since I have posted on this blog. I have been so busy working on my new novel series-RYUAN-this summer that I am sorry to say that I didn’t have time to keep up with my blogs-my other one suffered as well.

That said, the novel-book one-is finished, I am just doing some last minute changes and then am hitting the pavement-or the internet-to finding a great new literary agent to represent me for this series. I am so excited.

On the TV and FILM front. My first screenplay-The Airport Bar has been read by a production company and they said they were interested but suggested some changes. I was so excited that they even read it, so I will be making changes to it-because everything they said was true and it’s going to be stronger, but that will have to wait.

I am currently developing a TV show for a studio, and sadly, that’s all I can say. I signed a major NDA like one I have never seen before. I am not sure why all the secrecy and I was so hoping to see my name in the Hollywood Reporter-Stephanie Olivieri to pen the show…….based on….etc etc.. well someday, not today. The great news though is that I am getting paid to write and it feels so good. I am sooooo beyond happy and thrilled for this opportunity.

I am submitting my original comedy-Ellie From Chicago-to a couple festivals and since I have this other show-that is sort of in the background for now-but am still hoping it gets pocked up.

I also started a consulting service-another one? UGH, you say? Well wait, mine is different and tailored to you-not just a script reading service-which I will do, but feel that I can point you in a direction of someone with more experience for that. I am offering to give you a real down to earth no bullshit assessment of where you are in your career and what you need to do to reach you goal. The price for the services depends.  Please see my website for more info http://www.stephanieolivieri.com


Thanks for staying with me and I promise to keep writing this time around.


Have a great day and happy writing!