Seriously? I write a funny, no, hilarious episode of Old Christine and the show gets canceled? I don’t care. My episode is funny, and I can’t think of another show that I could work my storyline into, so I am going with it. I will submit it this year. I know someone who recently got a job with a Seinfeld episode. Yes RECENTLY, Seinfeld! So I believe that my spec will show who I am as a writer and highlight my strengths.

The thing is, I am not one of those TV writers – you know who you are – that writes a spec script and gets attached to it so much that I can’t move on. TV writing is a fast fast fast business. NEXT! I have this one and my Big Bang Theory-which I also think is pretty funny, so I am armed and ready for the next round of fellowships and such.

I have also heard rumors that ABC might pick up Christine and I really hope so, because the show is really funny, and it is a shame that it was canceled.

*if any of you want to read my specs, please feel free to email me and I would love the feedback*