Age ain’t nothing but a number! Except in Hollywood-then it is everything. The only things more important than age is cup size and being skinny! Thankfully for writing, age doesn’t really matter even if the studio execs think it does-it doesn’t. I have been thinking about moving more towards film, but I still love television and am working on comedies. I have almost completed my Big Bang Episode and have started outlining the New Adventures of Old Christine-funny enough the idea came to me because of something so silly that my roommate said one night when we were shopping and any time I think about it I laugh. (Trust me – it’s funny and I can see Christine doing this perfectly~ ) It is weird though, I don’t know anyone writing one of these, but it is brilliant.

So I wonder, why is no one talking about this show?

Have you seen the New Adventures of Old Christine? Man that show is funny! The casting is brilliant:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hilarious as ever as Christine Campbell-a divorcee that has a strange and yet believable friendship with her ex-Richard played brilliantly by Clark Gregg. *Clark is someone you have seen for years and most recently as Agent Phil Coulson in Iron Man 2, he will be in The Avengers, Nick Fury & Thor. He is perfect for the dorky ex husband that is also your best friend.

New Christine and Matthew played by Emily Rutherfurd & Hamish Linklater are just great enough to be sidekicks without taking the show over completely ala: jack and Karen of Will & Grace. Now for some real funny every time she is on: Wanda Sykes plays Barbara, friend and sarcastic remark gal making sure Christine is keeping it real.

I love this show! It cracks me up. So yes even though I am older than some TV writers start out as, I am giving it another year and these year, I will be armed with my nerds (Big Bang Theory) and Old Christine! I have a really funny idea and have been working on the outline! I can’t want to finish it!