So yesterday I had a truly weird experience with a fellow writer.

This person mentioned on their FB page that I was ALWAYS too busy to see them when they were in town, so I sent an email apologizing for working so much and just said that they should contact me and we can make a plan because that is what I do with my other friends.

Well, what happened? The person did a 180, got really angry, said that they didn’t know why I expected them to get in touch with me every time they were in town and this person wasn’t Shia Labeouf, or Brad Pitt, so why was I giving them so much attention?

What?? What?? Am I being Punk’d? First I am being told that I have been ALWAYS too busy to see the person, who by the way I haven’t seen since September, or talked to this person in MONTHS!

I was supposed to have coffee in like Jan, or sometime months ago, but was slammed with work, so I canceled. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about the person in a while.

Then I am told that I am expecting too much from this person, playing the victim and giving them too much attention???

I don’t know how someone goes from not seeing me in months and not hearing from me even once a month to thinking I am upset because I haven’t seen them?? I could care less.

Weird…really weird…

So I guess ignoring someone is the new giving too much attention?

UGH UGH UGH and I was feeling guilty for not actually spending time with this person when they came to town.

The end result is even worse, they deleted me from their facebook after sending nasty messages.

Here is the problem, this person works in the same industry? So why all the drama??

I don’t understand it, but seriously hope that this person learns how to communicate better because flying off the handle, accusing someone of not being around then yelling at them when they apologize and turning the situation around, is not the best “networking” or “politics” one could do in the biz.

I have some theories:

1) The person really was upset that I didn’t see them or talk to them that much, so they were embarrassed when I explained that I had been working, so they turned it around to make themselves feel better.

2) The person has split personalities or is in fact, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

3) I am being Punk’d in some new Facebook, social networking way

4) This person was using me to meet people since I was introducing them around at events in the early fall, and now they don’t need me anymore so they made up a reason to start a fight

Honestly…what is wrong with people?

Being completely unstable, a little bit insane, rude, unprofessional-all things that showrunners look for…*sarcasm*