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Hello, Writers & Storytellers,

so I have started a new blog that is attached to my course and membership site which is hosted on Kajabi and I’d love you to head over there and check out my blogs that post every #writerwednesday but it’s okay if you still love it here too!

This week I wrote about CRUSHING YOUR QUERY LETTER. 

Here is the link to the blog over there. TAKE ME THERE NOW

Now, I’ll write about queries here as well! 

It’s not a difficult task to talk about our stories, right? You love telling friends and family and co-workers all about your novel, screenplay, or new idea for a TV pilot–it flows easily but for some reason when we go to write that query letter we get completely locked and it never comes out right.


This is like playing golf or any sport really, it’s a MENTAL GAME. You psych yourself out that this query is the most important piece of writing and your life depends on the outcome and then you forget how to write and you forget how to talk about your manuscript in a way that draws people in.

The pressure is too much!

It shouldn’t be.

So what I want you to do is change the way you think about queries and trust me, they will get easier.

Also, it is not the end of the world, whomever you are sending it to may or may not be the agent for you, so stop pressuring yourself.

I want you to be successful and I know you can do it! You can, you just completed and revised your screenplay, your novel, your children’s picture book, your TV pilot so you can do this!

I want you to head up to the link I posted before and to make it easy, here it is again.


And if you still need more help, I’m offering a FREE look at your query for the entire month of July–meaning you can email me your query and I will look at it and give you some general feedback to help you get it right!

You can get in touch by emailing me at Stephanie@judaniebean.com and put CRUSHINGMYQUERY in the subject line.

Okay, that’s it for this edition of #writerwednesday and I hope you have a super day, week, month, and get that query written!!


XO Stephanie