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Have you ever read a book, watched a movie, stayed up all night watching the end of a series on Netflix only to be left dissatisfied, angry, betrayed by the writer and or just plain icky??

YES, you have. All of us have! And it stinks. It’s the worst when you are like, “OMG that would have been amazing but he/she effed up the ending!!”

I can think of so many films and books that I loved until the last quarter. I don’t know if it’s laziness, or just not caring or what but OMG the ending NEEDS to be good. 


The ending of any story must have these elements to be strong.

  1. The main character MUST change in some way. He/she must grow-be a different person or at the very least have learned something that changes the way he/she sees and interacts with the world.
  2. The main character MUST be the catalyst or reason for this change to have happened. They MUST solve their own problems.
  3. The ending MUST connect with the beginning in some way. At the beginning you have promised the audience/readers a story that is about something–so you have to pay that off at the end. It’s a REQUIREMENT for a strong story and MUST MUST MUST be there.
  4. The ending MUST end the story. No cliffhangers, please.
  5. The ending MUST make sense to the story–which is similar but not exactly the same as being connected. There has to be a reason that this is the end.

This is so important and I know that you can do it.

I put together a little FREE PDF for YOU to help you craft those amazing endings that will keep people coming back for more.

You can download it HERE for FREE.

I also have a video on YouTube this week talking about this.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on SOCIAL MEDIA or back here next week.

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