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66403207_10157444594668619_7646065848817287168_n.jpgHello Writers, this week has been a bear!! It’s July, it’s hot and nasty out AND my husband and my dog both need more of me than usual—that said, I’m happy to be there for them but it’s chipped into my mornings.

My little dog wouldn’t eat today so I went to the store and bought stuff to cook for him and he still wouldn’t eat but finally, he did and BOOM! It was noon.


So my writing TIPS for today are really just ONE. 

It’s OKAY to take a break when life gets crazy. I have been feeling guilty of not writing today but then, it’s 3:30 (pst) and I still have to work my dayjob.. so I’m giving myself permission to not write at the moment and get to the things that keep a roof over my head.

My tip, again, is to know that it’s okay when you have to take a break. 

Take that break.


Start over when you are ready.

When you write when you aren’t focused, you tend to make a lot more story, character and plot mistakes, and then you have to fix them later.

It’s okay to take a day off!!