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So, there is this thing that writers say all the time when they are stuck. “I have writer’s block.” For many years I had no sympathy and would think or even say, “writer’s block is bullshit”, but I don’t believe that anymore. It’s a real thing. Sometimes we just get stuck, our muse is out drinking or whatever, we have no ideas coming in.

Well, it feels like that’s true, usually, it’s other things pushing their way forward. How to pay the bills, what if I get rejected on the story that is already out there, I’m tired, this story isn’t working, etc.. then, we procrastinate—and as writers, we are really good at that.

I find that when I get stuck, I refuse to call it writer’s block, when I’m stuck I find that if I force myself to write something it helps me get back to what I’m doing. Sometimes, I’ll work on another project, or even just getting out of the flat helps me a lot. Going to the gym helps me, hanging out with my crit group or friends helps as well.

I have posted just a few tips that work for me that you can print out and post-maybe they will help you too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Do you get it? How do you get unstuck?

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