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Writing queries is something that most writers find terrifying but I find it fun. A chance to get to talk about my novel??? AWESOME! 

I know that they seem hard, but really you can craft a perfect query with some very easy steps.

Remember always be personal to the agent you are querying and always FOLLOW the submissions listed on the agent’s website. This is super important.

Then your pitch needs to be quick and concise and contain a GREAT HOOK. This is what will sell your story.

I have taught writing queries for many years and worked 1:1 with writers perfecting theirs.

You can also find information just by googling. I have also included some links for you and please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE because I’m going to be covering this in videos on my Story Concierge weekly show.

Eric Smith is an agent and writer who has given his expertise on his website. Check it out. https://www.ericsmithrocks.com/perfect-pitch

John Cusick is also an agent and writer who has given his expertise here. Check it out.


You can also find more information on QUERY TRACKER https://querytracker.net/

Thank you for reading and if you have any specific query questions please comment here or on social media. Please sign up for my VIP list and join my Story Concierge FB group.

Happy Writing xo