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writinggoals.jpgHappy Monday!! Yay new week, new possibilities! I love Mondays.

What are your writing goals for the week?
Mine are:
1. Write/revise in the YA every day for at least TWO hours.
2. Shoot some videos for my new YT channel
3. Do nothing for a few hours every day to recharge.
It’s such a great practice to write down your goals and posting them on social media is even better because then you not only have a community of others, you can also be held accountable.
Sometimes we don’t reach our goals and then we feel bad, but we shouldn’t, it’s normal and it’s okay to shift them if you need to.
I invite you to post your goals in the comments and or on social media.
As well, I’d love to see you in my new Story Concierge FB group.
and my website has more information about my new Story Concierge course coming up.
Lastly, I am shooting videos THIS week for my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL
As always have an amazing writing week!!!