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I just got back from an SCBWI conference in Northern California. It was amazing, inspiring, and FUN.

I personally LOVE going to conferences but for some people, especially introverts, they can be terrifying.

Last week I posted some quick tips, and so I thought I would add a few more as it’s conference season; well, honestly, there are writing conferences all year round but many people go in the summer. A lot of writers who I know are teachers so summer just makes sense as they have some time off.

Here we go!!! 

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Okay as promised.

WRITING CONFERENCE TIPS continued from last week. 

  1. Wear COMFORTABLE shoes. This is a must as you walk a lot between sessions, keynotes, lunch, and bathroom breaks.
  2. Always bring layers. Some rooms are super hot, like Florida hot & stuffy and some are a quick trip to the Arctic, so be prepared.
  3. Snacks are good–just make them quiet–no one wants to sit next to the write wolfing down a bag of crunchy chips.
  4. Bring notepads and pens. You can bring your iPad/tablet or laptop but most rooms don’t have it set up for everyone to be charging and also the tap tap tap of a keyboard can disturb others around you. I always suggest taking it old school during sessions. You may find that you retain more info that way too. Give it a shot
  5. Be on time, or early if you can to your sessions.

That’s five for this week and be sure to share this and come back for more next week. I’m going to be focusing on conferences this month.

Thank you for following, sharing, liking and of course HAPPY WRITING & conferencing!! 

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