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Tuesday tip for writers (and any creative)
Many of you are introverts.
I say YOU because I’m one of the rare individuals who is a creative and yet and an extrovert.
You have to attend events, it’s part of the career you have chosen. It could be a book signing, a conference, a school visit or an award ceremony—so many different types, but we all have to do them.
It’s hard on people who would rather stay at home by themselves.
So the first big tip that I can give you is to TAKE BREAKS.
It’s fine to excuse yourself and get some downtime.
All those people coming at you, talking, talking, talking, it’s exhausting at best and overwhelming at the very least. AND then add that you must be “on” OMG
So give yourself permission to take those breaks between sessions, after speaking, during an event. Go for a walk, go to your hotel room, take a 5-minute meditation break in the corner, sit under a tree, whatever you need to do but do it.
It’s okay.
In my new STORY CONCIERGE COURSE launching this summer 2019!!!—yay–I am going to have a full chapter (some coaches call them modules, I am calling them chapters—hello, I am a writer after all) on being an EXTROVERTED INTROVERT.
Seems impossible, but it’s not and I can definitely help you overcome some of your anxiety and help you navigate through these social situations every writer will need to be in at some point.
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