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Happy Monday to all the writers out there!

How are you today?

I hope your weekend was amazing, inspiring and joyful.

If not, that’s okay, today is a new day. I simply LOVE Mondays because they are so full of hope for the week. ANYTHING is possible on a Monday.

I like to start my week by writing down my goals for writing.

I will share mine—I hope you will share yours.

  1. Write every day in the novel for at least 1 hour. I’m going to do this by getting up 30 minutes earlier and write in the morning BEFORE I do anything, including having coffee and or walking with my little dog.
  2. Work on content for my videos coming in June—this is for the business helping writers.
  3. Write out a new beat sheet–which is a TV writing term that I use for all my writing now—for the novel because I know that I need some plot fixing on this one and I can’t see it the way that it is.

Those are my three. What are yours?? Please comment below.


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