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It’s Monday. I love Mondays! Always have. It’s a new week full of possibilities! What are your creative goals for the week?
I’m focusing on writing A LOT this week, reading, and then getting everything ready for my trip to Iceland next week for the Iceland Writers Retreat.

So for me making goals is a process. I love love love making lists, but sticking to them is a horse of a different color as they say.  That said, I’m breaking my bad habits and creating better ones, like sticking to my lists of things to do.

This week—I’m making my novel my priority. I have set aside time every afternoon from 3-6 pm just to work on the novel. That means, NO OTHER DISTRACTIONS.

The only way to be a successful writer is to write.

I’m good about writing every day but I need to focus and get these revisions done.

How about you?

Do you have a set time every day, or do you just write when you are inspired and does that work for you?

Comment and let me know.

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Have a fabulous day and week ahead!