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I’m bringing back my Who Said That? Dialogue course—hoping to have it ready by fall 2019. If you want to sign up to be a Judanie Bean (that’s my new company) VIP please head over to my website


I will have a new site soon but for now, you can sign up via my old site.

Here is why you want to do this—are you ready?—-this is not a sales pitch—I’m going to be giving away 10 spots in this course —-yup FREEBIE—who doesn’t love freebies.

I’m doing this simply because I am building the course for writers so I really want to get feedback from YOU and roll out the best course I can in 2020, which will be full price but until then, I’m testing everything and that means FREEBIES for you!!

Hurry though because 10 goes like that * imagine I’m snapping.