These past two years I have been making so many changes and sacrifices to reach my ultimate goal of being published with a big traditional publisher for my YA-and not only that, MORE IMPORTANTLY to TELL A GREAT STORY, one that has meaning. (This is big for me, coming from writing comedy to writing something important-or that I think is important).

I have given up so much, gone more into debt to be able to go to SCBWI conferences, workshops, Highlights, taking classes online and more.

Not to mention the time I am taking to do this right. It’s been INTENSE. But ever since the beginning of 2015 I am seeing my current novel getting better with each class, workshop, retreat etc.

I’m so happy that I have waited to start submitting it, because trust me I wanted to at the beginning of 2015. I learned how to be patient this year.

I am GRATEFUL to all my mentors and teachers and fellow writers who have helped me, guided me, spent time with my characters.

I am grateful for Ben (my bf) because without him there is no possible way I could have gone to so many things this year.

I just had to share this because I know that many of my creative friends go through those ups and downs, usually more downs than ups and sometimes it seems like things will never happen, but they do, it just takes time. Everything is a journey.

Am I scared? All the time.

Am I broke? All the time.

Am I tired? All the time.


There’s still more work for me on this book, and then I get to start the process all over with the next one. It’s really awesome being an author, it’s not a quick and easy job, but it’s amazing when the story starts to click and become the one you had in your head when you first thought of the idea.