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I posted this photo on FB yesterday just to be silly and promptly got deleted by a few people. Some even thought it was their right to tell me how to live my life and or let me know that I am going straight to hell without passing go, or collecting $200. All because I posted a photo? Of a movie poster?

That said, we saw the film last night. The bottom line, it wasn’t as racy as many other films despite the plot and storyline. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. What I did with those who scolded me with their good Christian lectures on how to be a better person? I took the high road from Elsa and let it go, but honestly people need to get over it.

No one is forced to see this film, or read the book. The story is what it is, a story about a man who had a “rough start in life” and can’t handle the intimacy of a real relationship, how he deals with it, is what happens in the story, but the story isn’t about that, or abuse, or control or anything, it’s actually quite sad if you think about Christian Grey.

As you know, I like my male leads and while technically this story is told from Anastasia Steele, I think it’s more about Christian. He is more interesting. He is sad, haunted, tortured, and ALONE, very, very, alone. He can’t have a normal relationship, it’s not in him because of abuse he suffered as a small child and then a teenager. It’s sad.

Badly written or not, it sold 100 (yes one hundred) MILLION copies, so I wouldn’t mind that happening, and she got a film deal out of it. LOL

In my humble opinion, had this not been “fan fiction” (Twilight) and she had worked with a STRONG editor, it would have been much better. It read like a first draft to me and maybe it was, I don’t know. I am not in the business of cutting others’ work down and or assuming to know how it happened. I got the book because everyone was reading and talking about it. I kinda wished that Christian was a vampire, but the story is set in reality and the reality is that Mr. Grey is truly messed up.

If people want to judge me, or others who see this film, that is on them. Like I said above, it was quite tame. Of course there were sex scenes in the film, but it wasn’t too much and it was done as tastefully as it could have been.

I don’t regret seeing it. I like Jamie Dornan since his days on Once Upon A Time and Dakota Johnson was fine too. It was just entertainment.

I hope that all those people getting all riled up, will just calm down and focus on something important like helping others, or anything but what they are doing.

If you saw it, or read it, I’d love to hear your take on the story, not the writing, the story. What do you think of Christian? Or Ana?

I have to note that I don’t know why feminists are upset at Ana, she stands up for herself in both the book and the film. She challenges Christian and I think she could be more interesting, but she certainly isn’t setting the women’s movement back 100 years like people are saying.