Hey children’s writers! Have a great story ready to be submitted, but don’t want to end up in the slush pile? Well here is a great article from Kidlit411


And a chance to submit to pass the slush pile.

If you don’t know, Kidlit411 is one of THEE BEST resources for children’s literature, whether you are a writer or artist, or like me, both-we call ourselves author/illustrators. 🙂

I was interviewed by them about 5 months ago and it was a great honor to be included with so many amazing colleagues of mine. I hope that you will check them out and join their FB group and follow them on Twitter etc. You won’t be disappointed.

Have a super day and thanks for reading. Pardon the long break between posts, I have been working hard revising my MG (which is now ready for submissions) and my YA novel, which I am working on. I also completed my 18th and 19th picture book illustration job for independent authors in the fall and started a GREAT greeting card illustration gig that is keeping me busy.

I hope you are are amazing. Please feel free to comment or message me with questions about Kidlit411 or anything.