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Hey everyone, I recently came upon this awesome list of great tv writing resources via ABC Talent development and still no books on dialogue. http://www.disneyabctalentdevelopment.com/recommended-reading.html

A few years ago I was working as a reader for the studios and I noticed that dialogue was one of the biggest issues writers struggled with. Mostly they wrote every character to sound exactly the same. It didn’t matter if it was a spec script, or original pilot and or a screenplay. So I created an online workshop called Who Said That? And guess what? I am bringing it back.


I got busy with life, the passing of my father and such so I had to put it on hold, and recently I still notice that this is a problem.

I have been working on my YA and MG novels this past year and in all the groups I am in with other writes, dialogue is still an issue. Once writers get the story beats down and have a strong story, then they get stuck at stale, boring or flat dialogue.

I really want to help writers learn to write unique dialogue for your characters. VOICE means two things.

1. the writer’s voice-who he/she is as a writer.

2. the characters’ voices in the story.

It’s important, really important.

So I am launching a new course this Jan and I will have a new book out soon, I will probably have an e-book first as I want to keep the cost down for writers and I already do one on one work with writers on this.

Please swing by my new website



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Please make sure to check out the ABC list too-great books, all worth getting.

Thank you so much!