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This all seems like common sense, but I can tell you that it isn’t. I have been in a lot of critique groups where new writers are making all these mistakes and more. Children’s books are a lot harder than mainstream adult fiction because you are writing for children.

I notice that a lot of writers I meet are doing it because they think it will sell and or someone told them some story about them from high school was funny and why don’t they write a book around it. I have been working on the craft of children’s book writing for 14 years now. I have taken so many classes I could have a masters in children’s literature, honestly and I am still learning. 

Last year I wrote about 14 picture books for the mobile app FarFaria, I left that job last summer because I got very busy with illustration and didn’t have time to devote to the stories I was writing, but it was a great experience. I recently finished an early chapter book and have just started submitting it around.

As many of you know I am published in adult (not “adult” like “adult” films, but not kids) with two chick-lit romantic comedy novels and I contributed to a graphic romantic comedy series as well. When I started thinking about writing full time, I dove into kids’ books because I love them. I LOVE the middle grade and chapter books the most. I switched to chick lit because everyone was doing it and I thought that I could get published fast-BIG MISTAKE-I did get published, but my books aren’t best sellers. I like them, I still think that they are funny, but my heart is in kids’ books.

I have a middle grade series that I am re-working from a YA down to a MG book. The feedback I have gotten is that it’s MG and not YA and to revise the whole thing. I belong to the SCBWI and am very active in groups out here. I also have been fortunate to take workshops to get feedback. If you are interested in kids’ books I would join them right away.

Meanwhile, read the article above and feel free to comment below on your favorite kids’ books-any level, or send me a message. Have a super day!!