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Are you watching Parenthood? Doesn’t matter if you have kids or not. This show is consistently brilliant. It never delivers anything less than great. The characters are so real and the acting and writing is so good that it would be a shame to miss this. Especially if you are a writer. This is a great show to watch to study CHARACTER. I know I am always on and on and on about character, but this show delivers. I watched Thursday’s episode and was blown away by the dinner scene. Amber and Drew were so on point to how teenagers act when they are–well teenagers. The way all the characters had their own agendas during dinner. Adam being hurt that he was the second choice, or back up for Crosby and then really it was about Sarah’s comments about his parenting. Sarah’s reaction to Max, Zeek’s talking to Joel, it just never stopped being BRILLIANT. This is a short blog post, but really, do yourself a favor. Go watch PARENTHOOD. Thursday nights, NBC 10 pm/9 pm CST