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Last night my boyfriend and I went to see Scorsese’s new film about the Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort portrayed brilliantly by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was flawless and does NOT glorify the behavior of the main character, in fact, it’s disgusting. Just like Henry Hill in Goodfellas, it’s hard to like the main character-Jordan, except Leo is likeable-usually-but not in this. I don’t know Mr. Belfort personally, and I don’t know anyone who did what he did personally so I can’t really say more about his actual personality, but this is based on a true story. 

The film is great. It shows how these types of people act and treat others. It shows what greed can do and does to many. It shows the underbelly of a rich society in New York in the 1980s and 1990s especially, You all know it, we read about it all the time, this asshole or that asshole was arrested for fraud, insider trading or ponzi schemes… sigh.. it is what it is. 

I don’t support this type of behavior, but I did support this film. Go see it, it’s great.