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Wow is all I can say about last night’s episode of The Good Wife. I thought it was raw, emotional, exciting and a great ride. I felt for both Alicia and Will. You could see the hurt in Will’s eyes when Diane told him what was happening. You could FEEL it in his reaction. The dialogue was perfect. “What?” He said simply, “WHAT?” he was confused, hurt, angry, confused, confused, confused, then his raw emotions came out. It was one of the best episodes this show has ever put on. 

The scene when Alicia is home with her new firm and her husband comes home and they have a quicky was amazing as well. It perfectly showed us her high from her adrenaline running through her system. We saw he strong and powerful.

Yet we got to see a softer side of her in the lift after Will told her to get out where she broke down and cried because she knew that her actions crushed him.

This show is so good that if you are not watching it , you are missing some of the best network television out there.