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Haha just received this email about a screenwriting contest..”This is a life-changing opportunity to become a published author, enjoying an income stream from your book’s royalties!”… I am a published author and this sounds much better than the get rich slow reality that is novel writing. Trust me writing screenplays is much more lucrative..even the unsuccessful ones make some money, with novels even the successful ones don’t always bring in a lot of dough. 

I love writing novels and would love to be the next J.K. Rowling, but she is the exception. I have several friends who are successful novelists and they still have day jobs on the side. Publishing is a tough business and while some do great, it’s not the norm so you don’t enter a screenwriting contest in the hopes of becoming a published novelist, you enter for screenwriting. You write novels because it’s a calling not to make money. 

If you make money, great, but you do it for the love of it.