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Last year, I think I wrote a blog on the film Moneyball, which I loved by the way, but there were some glaring, GLARING issues, like the little girl sang a song that hadn’t even been released at the time of the film-when it took place-the Boston Red Sox pennant winning was up in the office-this film took place before that. Today someone threatened my life because of that blog, telling me to get an effing life etc…now, honestly? Is that needed? I never said anything bad about the film, I was just saying that a film of that caliber should NOT have such mistakes in them. A lot of people/clients/friends/writers read my blog because I do give writing tips and lessons between reviews and such, and I think it’s very important that people know that something like that can ruin a story for someone else, so just get your facts straight. That’s all. I used Moneyball because it had just come out, not to slam the song The Show, or Moneyball. I was once on an animated film that part of took place in the ’70s, well they wanted a dance sequence with the Electric Slide, everyone got so upset when I raised my hand and said, “that dance wasn’t popular until the late ’80s, why don’t you have them do The Hussle or something?” (Actually the Electric Slide was invented in the ’70s but no one was doing it in bars etc. until much later.) The point is, if I notice it, others will, so just get it correct, it’s not that hard to check facts. In any case, I apologize if I offended anyone, but I stand by what I said, those mistakes are huge. The film made heaps of money so it’s really not that big of a deal if one writer/blogger has the opinion that song should not have been in there, is it? I say to the person who threatened me, you get a life. Honestly.