So I am always amazed at those who write on TV shows, novels and work full time and blog-seriously that is not me, although I do try.

Lemme catch you all up. I finished my dialogue workshop-WHO SAID THAT? early because the students were so awesome and did their assignments early. I will have another one, but not until spring and here is why.

I am working on the sequel to my alien YA novel, RYUAN. I am doing this during NaNoWriMo-National Write a Novel in a Month, month. I have been writing about 1500-2000 words most days during lunch, but yesterday I didn’t write for many reasons during lunch-all good though. I am behind. I am working full time as an illustrator and finishing up some freelance, but I will not be defeated, I think I am at 17,000 words, so I will finish, just less time for blogs.

Last month I did my Daily Ghost- so that took time and of course was moving and trying to get my life back after the hellacious year I had from Jan until basically Sept 10th-when I started at my new day job that I love.

I was asked about Popular, the YA book I wrote during Camp NaNo, well to be honest, I wrote it, it’s done, but needs some reworking and editing. The main character, Skywalker Holden (yes her mother was in love with Luke and obsessed with Star Wars-not unlike myself-so the poor girl, goes by Skye, but everyone knows and makes fun of her.) is great, but some of the side characters need some work. Hey my father just died, what do you expect?

I am also trying to get another book ready to donate to the Bridge Rail Foundation…

These things all take time and somewhere in there I am trying to have a life.

So I apologize for not blogging as much on here as I was, I will def soon, especially with Oscar season here.

New TV shows I love: Last Resort and Nashville are my stand outs.

I love the new cast members on GLEE.

General Hospital is still good and that’s about it.

Hope you are all doing great and writing tons. If you want to buddy up for NaNo, I am stephnewyork.