So since I’ve seen you all,  lots of things have happened.

I made it to semi finals in a writing contest, but not the finals. Didn’t make it into the semi or the finals to two of the writing fellowships I applied to. Didn’t get into the finals of a film fest, but received a hand written note on my rejection-and it did make sense.

I was approached by a couple agents—-fingers crossed—-need a new agent.

I got a writing job doing children’s stories for a mobile app-it’s part time, but always nice to be hired to write.

Continuing on other hired to work on projects.

As well as my dialogue class starts next week!!

And I was asked to submit my screenplay-one of them-to a producer.

AND I have been busy working tons of freelance gigs-hoping that will change soon as an awesome art job may turn into full time day job soon, which would mean, only 40 hours a week of work, and more time to write on the side. I have always loved both my day job and writing, but sometimes when I am on 100+ hours a week, and have no time to write, it can be hard. I am happy that a balance may be happening soon.

This all said, CONGRATS to all my fellow writers who have advanced in the fellowships. I have worked, briefly, on a couple of shows and been hired to create a show so maybe the fellowships just aren’t for me, I don’t know, but I do know that I am happy for everyone. I believe there is enough writing for all of us!

Okay, enough about me, how are you? Tell me!