I was happy to wake up and hear that I am a semi finalist in the SPEC SCRIPTACULAR put on by TV Writer.com

It’s always nice to hear that you advanced. Writing is subjective and I take rejection well, but this was nicer.

I am not bragging, but just happy to hear it, well see it-my name on that list.

I wrote an episode of Happy Endings for the fellowships and contests. I love the show, always talk in pop culture references so it just made sense.

I am one of those writers who loves writing specs. I also love writing originals, but specs are always especially fun because you are writing about characters you already know and love because they are in your life.

I would love to be a showrunner, but I also love working on other’s shows. I am happy as long as I am writing and that’s the truth.

So here is my segway-I was hired today to write short children’s stories for a mobile app-they are really awesome stories and I was so excited to be contacted and hired. Today was a good day. 🙂

Hope you are all having a great day as well and are writing. Write write write!