I was up for a rewrite screenplay job-just found out I was number two-that’s like the 4th time that has happened to me this year-feeling like ‘Gulden’s Mustard’ .

Yes that’s a film reference-everything in my life can be be summed up by something in a film or television show and or a stageplay.

It’s okay, I’m okay. I am more sad about missing the huge payment than the rewrite-the film wasn’t great and even when submitting my proposal I changed it a lot to make it better. I thought it was a long shot, but then I kept getting emails saying I was closer and closer and asking me questions about this character and that, so my hopes were up.

I hope to get more chances to submit for rewrite jobs. I know I am good at it. Sure I love my own stuff, but I am happy to work on other projects, would seriously love being a script doctor for the studios.

P.S. If you have to Google that quote to know what it is from, that’s okay, not everyone watches as many films as I do. Here is a hint.