My father died on June 7th and just like when my dog died on January 18th, it derailed me and I sank into a deep sadness that was only surpassed by fear because I was between jobs.

Fear and Grief-the two ugliest bitched on the planet let me tell you.

Now I am working on a few great projects-yes for pay-animation, gaming, transcription of scripts (so I get paid to watch clips) and illustration. I am crazy busy. I was also contacted by two major animation studios with the possibility of landing my dream job at either of them. Both are studios I have wanted to work with or for, for years-so I have hope and Hope is stronger than Fear or Grief.

I am also working on a new stage play-my first, and a new film.

So I have neglected my blog-all of my blogs actually-sorry, I am coming back to my life and will be blogging.

Bunheads! Jane By Design and the last few episodes of the Closer all coming up.

I hope you all are writing tons and haven’t had time to swing by my little blog anyhow, but if not, I promise soon, I’ll be back.

You can also follow one of my romantic comedies via Twitter @CTODFthebook.