I have never been a huge fan of what’s called the “premise pilot”. That is the entire pilot or first episode of a show is spent setting up the story. I understand some shows need a little help getting there. Usually sitcoms have a premise pilot, but I think the strongest shows do not get hung up on these.

Last week Amy Sherman-Palladino’s show, (she is famous for Gilmore Girls), premiered on ABC Family. I have to say that even though it was a premise pilot I did enjoy it.

I am not sure the motivation for the main character, played by Sutton Foster, to hook up with a man she doesn’t know and leave her life was strong enough, but I went with it. Over all it’s pretty fun.

I wanted to write a more in depth review, but I am completely knackered, so it’s short and sweet.

I like the show it’s fun. I also love Shonda Rhimes and all her work, but not sure I agree with her slamming Amy on Twitter, but that’s their business not mine. The show is fun.