That Which Does Not Kill Me, Makes Me Funnier

So the tragic life of Stephanie? Nah, just life and you know it’s making my comedy better. Seriously.

My father passed away last week, so please excuse my absence. I am okay, well I am not, it SUCKS and I am so sad, but I am okay. You know I am functioning and writing a lot. Which is good.

I have so many blogs to get out…I will be back soon I promise. In the meantime. I am going to be TWEETING an ENTIRE NOVEL.

My romantic comedy novel entitled, Coffee? Tea? or Duty Free? will be up on Twitter starting June 18th! Tell you friends!! FOLLOW!/CTODFtheBook and if you don’t Tweet, (what is wrong with you?) FOLLOW the blog where I will be putting up weekly blogs of the story.

Thanks for stopping by and next time-or shorty after-more on CHARACTER!