UGH I don’t understand people. I keep getting job “offers” or so they call them to get me interested and then find out that they aren’t going to pay me.

Look-would you ask your doctor to work for free? Or the mechanic down the street? A handyman, school teacher, advertising exec? NO-so stop asking me to.

I admit that I have collaborated with people in the past and it’s only bitten me in the ass-but I was building my resume so it’s okay that I wrote for one person for FREE for 6 years only to get tossed under a bus and never any money from the promised sales of the book-but the project was fun and I got credit on some of it. Still I gave this person everything and then they not only dropped me professionally when they didn’t need me anymore, I never got paid-it is what it is so I won’t do it anymore.

I have posted on FB, Stage 32, LinkedIn and Twitter that I am looking for work, and I keep getting asked to write for FREE.

The only way I am going to work for free is on my own projects-period-or it isn’t worth it to me. I don’t ever want to go through what I did with that one person again, so I am just not doing it anymore. If you want to collaborate-then it’s a partnership, and only if I have time.

In any case, that’s my mini-rant today because it just doesn’t stop.

I also get asked to draw for free or super cheap-I am doing a super cheap logo for a FRIEND, but I offered to help her out and she will promote me, but I don’t make a habit of it.