Today this photo has been going around Facebook and while I LOVE Joss Whedon and Buffy is quite possibly one of the greatest shows on television, I think strong characters are more important than either gender.

I think it’s great that he writes strong female characters, but I have never liked him because of that. I like him, no I love his writing, because he writes strong characters.

I have a lot of friends, mostly women, who get upset with me when I am writing something with a male or boy lead. My last two screenplays have male leads. My new novel series has a male lead. That said, Micheline-my alter-writes chick-lit with strong female leads. I also have two original series with female leads and am developing another one-that I may just turn into a book series.

The reason I wrote both is because I just write whatever the story calls for. When I wrote my latest book, RYUAN, I was asked why a boy and not a female and to be honest there is no reason except that I say a boy in my head, not a girl.

I just think when writing any story, the gender should be what the story calls for and I am sorry if that offends all the women of the world, but if I wouldn’t vote for someone because of gender I am not going to start writing women just because I am a woman.