It’s not “show friends.” It’s show *business*. ~ Bob Sugar, Jerry Magure

Remember that scene in Jerry Maguire when Bob Sugar fires Jerry and you see the “what the F just happened here?” In Jerry’s eyes? Has it ever happened to you? The entire first act of that film is Jerry wondering who he can trust and watching his friends turn their backs on him because of something he wrote-he spoke the truth and everyone turned on him.

Okay well this is a valuable lesson that unfortunately we would all like to believe isn’t the truth but more the great writing of Cameron Crowe in Jerry Maguire-although I am sure he didn’t coin the phrase.

It’s a sad fact in any business but in the creative world it seems to be much much worse, especially in show business. “But they’re my friend they wouldn’t ever do. . . .” yes they would because it’s BUSINESS not friendship-those are the cold, hard, sad facts.

Some common sense advice.

1. When a friend asks you to do work for free for the promise of royalties and or residuals-this should be a huge red flag-but it isn’t, because you want to believe your friend will do the right thing-you’re friends right? Wrong. If the project is fun and you can build your resume, than great, but otherwise just don’t expect to ever see any money.

2. When a friend hires you or gets you hired onto a project they are on-be very careful about talking to them like a friend and open up to about things going on-venting-you know we all do it.  That friend will turn on you and pull the work card out and you will be out of a job wondering what the F just happened.

3. Friends won’t be honest with you about things and that always causes an issue. Maybe they aren’t wanting to hurt your feelings, or maybe they want it all for themselves, but honesty is soon dropped when you work with friends.

4.When your friend you are working for tells you that you are too nice and you need to screw people over more-that is a bad sign-and could the red flag be any bigger?

5.When your friend is slamming everyone expect they will do it to you.

This all said.

I have had several occasions when these things aren’t true, but maybe I haven’t at the same time? Who knows really, but I would just say as a rule of a thumb mixing friendship and business is sometimes NOT a good idea.

If and when you do have a friendship end due to working together-be the bigger person and never ever slam that person or say anything to anyone negative-just move on. I know it’s hard to do, trust me I know, but you have to just let it go and figure that ended so you have room for something better. Being angry and bitter is just never a great idea to begin with, but remember common sense-this is your career as well.

Money always seems to be more important to some people than friendship-for me it isn’t, hence why I am not rich.

I also like to believe in people and like I said I have had some great experiences working with friends and some bad ones-it is what it is.