This is my new YA novel. I used to write chick-lit only, but in the fall of 2010 on a very cold, wet, rainy day I got the inspiration for this story. I wrote the novel in the NaNoWriMo and then took a year going over it and revising it. I had set it in the Pacific Northwest but due to some other very popular teen/YA novels being set there I moved it to my old town of Bennington Vermont. I think it works better. I spent the fall doing revisions and changes to fit the new location and also fit some changes in future books that I have outlined-yes this is going to be a series.

RYUAN is the story of a 13 year old boy who is picked on and bullied at school because he is different and things get worse when he learns the truth that he is actually from another planet.

I wrote this book because of things I went through as a kid and as an adult-it’s really about grief, loss and not fitting it-wanting to be normal more than anything even when that isn’t going to happen. I made him an alien just to mess with him more and make his life harder. Unlike some other teen/YA novels, things don’t get easier when he finds out who he is, they get worse.

In any case, I am looking for a new agent for this project and sending out queries. In the meantime I am outlining the next books and working on book 2 as we speak.