I have been saying that I have been drowning for years, and it is true. Animation crashed and I have been barely surviving and something has to change. I want to write full time. Do I love to draw? Sure! Am I good at my day job in animation? Sure, it’s been 17 years, yes I am. My passion is writing and storytelling though.

What has happened to me and continues to happen is I get on a freelance job and work 80-100 hours per week and write on the side, then the job ends and I am so worried, panicked and scared that I spend hours every single day looking for work. This takes time and is a drain.

Finally last week I decided, fuck this, I am going to swim instead of just keep my head above water. What I mean is, instead of spending hours a day looking for work-filling out long applications-doing long tests-I am going to focus on my career-or swim towards my future.

Yes I will still look for work, but it is not going to consume me. Writing needs to. I have no problems getting tons of writing done, but if no one knows that I have done the writing, where is it going to get me? No where fast.

This week I have started really spending time doing query letters for my new YA novel, RYUAN. I spent a year writing this book and I love it and I want to do a series, so I need to get it out there.

Last month I finished my original pilot and revised my screenplay, and now they sit on my computer so instead of trolling Craigslist I am going to contact agents and get my stuff read so I can move forward and get out of this huge ocean of terror that I am always in.

I have started making plans every day for what hour I will write, look for agents, and query and then after I do that I will job search. Meanwhile when I get some animation work soon, I will still write.

I love animation and have already started working on an animated film with a studio in Italy. I will be writing the script with a few people there, and that is very exciting.

I just wanted to share with all of you because I know how hard this business is, and we can all do it if we just put our minds to swimming instead of surviving.