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I haven’t been to a panel in a long time. I used to go almost every week, but then got busy writing, or working, or both, and or moved out of state for a bit, and then this fall I was so busy writing on a show-yes I was actually hired this fall-that I got behind on the panels, but I always love them.

*Okay, I know that was the longest run on sentence, but give a girl a break, ’tis almost midnight.

Anyhow, tonight was a great panel of some very talented ladies:

Mara Brock Akil, Elaine Ko, Kari Lizer,Marti Noxon, Robia Rashid and Cindy Chupack

I want to say something about all of them, but it’s 11:30 and I have yet to eat a proper meal tonight, so I think I better. I wanted to give them all a shout out-wow I sound like I am in my twenties with that statement, but it is just that a shout out! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PANEL!

Okay I am exhausted, so I will definitely write more, another blog soon. I still need to really break down SMASH, and some others, but honestly been INSANE this week.

I applied for THREE writing jobs that I didn’t know were coming up-one was for a TV show that required I write and storyboard, the other was for a screenwriting job, and the other was for a social networking job. I had to submit different samples for all and one of them required work from the ground up. I still have to finish-okay start typing-my Happy Endings script for the Nick writing program deadline-TUESDAY! I can do it, 5 days is a long time and I already have it beated out.

My blog has suffered, but I appreciate you reading and hopefully you are busy writing as well!!