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OMG I love this show, it’s amazing! The story is well told-so great writing. The music is brilliant and the characters are so believable that they just might “smash” everyone in the real world’s idea of Broadway. If you aren’t watching you need to be. It’s GREAT!

My favorite characters so far are:

Julia, played by Debra Messing-this is a great character for her and since Will & Grace I don’t think she has hit that stride before and I am so happy to see her in such a great role.

Karen, played by Katherine McPhee-LOVE HER. I love her character-the new girl to Broadway who wants it so much but lacks the experience. This character is so well written-she is just, well, reminds me of me when I first was auditioning on Broadway-well done writers, and well done Katherine.

Derek, played by Jack Davenport-he is my favorite character by far!! This part was written for him. He has been in a lot of things and I always liked him, but in this something just fits-Sorry Jack, I am sure you are lovely in real life, but man do you play that dickhead director just perfect!

The whole show is brilliant and I like the entire cast-watch it and enjoy, it’s amazing.